Tuesday 21 November 2023

Instructions For Playing Jaaloo Puzzles





  • A is a number in the 1st column
  • B is a number in the 1st row
  • C is the intersection of A and B
  • C is got by projecting a line rightwards and horizontal from A
  • And downwards vertically from B
  • If you know B and C, project C leftwards to the 1st column to locate A.
  • If you know A and C, project C upwards to the 1st row to locate B.


Your aim is to fill in the blank  cells
New Grid ButtonTo start the game
Check ButtonTo check your score during of after each game (red cells show wrong entries)

ScoreSee your score

If you know any 2 of A, B or C; add them, to get the 3rd. As you play the game, different values of A, B and C get populated.

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