Tuesday 27 February 2024

Text and video instructions on how to play Jaaloo Puzzles - Jaaloo Puzzles Demonstration

Full Instructions For Playing Jaaloo Puzzles






  • A is a number in the 1st column
  • B is a number in the 1st row
  • C is the intersection of A and B
  • C is got by projecting a line rightwards and horizontal from A
  • And downwards vertically from B
  • If you know B and C, project C leftwards to the 1st column to locate A.
  • If you know A and C, project C upwards to the 1st row to locate B.

    • If you know any 2 of A, B or C; add them, to get the 3rd. As you play the game, different values of A, B and C get populated.

Watch Another Insightful Tutorial

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